Friday, July 20, 2012

The Parting of the Red Sea

So it looks like I have quite a ways to go before I reach the elusive 2.0L.  At my appointment yesterday, I blew an all-time low of 0.68L (18%).  My gut feeling (pun intended) for my low numbers was because I was feeling rather bloated, which is ironic as I've been on a 2-month stretch of 100% enzyme compliance for the first time since I can remember.  The theory is that I'm constipated because I'm dehydrated, which makes sense as I've had dry mouth and hot spells lately, and I just generally drink at a snails pace.  Somehow, I manage to make a single can of Mountain Dew that I open at 9 AM when I get to work last all the way until the evening.  Hopefully this is an issue I can easily remedy.  I'm starting home IV antibiotics for probably a 3-week stint, which will most likely just result in getting my numbers back up a few points to their usual low.  But at least I'll feel better.

I finally replaced my fried treadmill this past weekend.  My parents came up from Illinois and my dad and I moved 400 lbs. worth of treadmills up and down the stairs of my apartment complex.  This also probably contributed to my dehydration.  But now I'm set to get started in some sort of workout routine, granted I have the motivation to workout after a long day at work.

Yesterday was not an enjoyable day. In addition to a poor doctor's appointment, a good CF friend passed way at the age of 19.  I've lost two close CF friends in the past three months now, the only two really close people I've lost in my entire life.  I also received a new power supply for my computer in the mail to replace my fried one.  After a lot of useless fiddling with it, it still didn't end up working, which added to my frustrations of the day.  Now I have the added stress of trying to get my computer working again.  While I sat there contemplating my next steps and breathing in dust that had accumulated inside my tower, I started to spew the 'red fountain'.  I spent a good 10 minutes in front of the bathroom sink parting the Red Sea from my lungs.  It was probably the most blood I've coughed up at any point in my life.  Naturally though, I played the wait and see game, and it subsided eventually.  So yea, yesterday can bite me.

And that's the end for now.


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